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Sourcing Best-fit Candidates Just Got Easier!

Sourcing Best-fit Candidates Just Got Easier!



London, July 10, 2019 – EVA, the award-winning AI recruitment platform is delighted to announce integrations with 7 of the UK job boards owned by the Stepstone Group, allowing its users to access a fully integrated CV databbase.  

From a single access point, all Totaljobs Partnership sites, namely Totaljobs, Jobsite, Career Structure, City Jobs, eMed Careers, Just Engineers and Retail are now searchable directly within the platform.

Finding the best-fit for a role can be hard. Creating job-ads on multiple job sites, going through dozens of different job boards and hundreds of millions of CVs and sorting through hundreds of resumes, all while trying to get a shortlist of best-fit candidates – it’s enough to give even seasoned HR veterans a headache. 


EVA was founded with the singular mission to connect great people to great companies in the most efficient, effective and enjoyable way as possible.

With renewed pressure on the labour market due to various exogenous factors such as the Brexit uncertainty, small businesses and large companies all compete to fill their positions. And with low employment rates in the UK (3.9%), it has become business-critical to find great talent quickly. 

The partnership enables organizations using to connect to these impressive databases, import CVs and automatically build searches, furthering automation of the recruitment workflow using chatbots and predictive matching algorithms.

This will help users hire more effectively, saving a lot of time and effort during the recruitment process. 

Representatives from EVA stated the company is excited about the possibilities this partnership offers to their clients and recruiters at large.  Combining the award winning artificial intelligence (AI) powered automation recruiting software of with the broad UK reach and millions of CVs of Stepstone will help companies source  best-fit candidates, engage them with an NLP-powered Chatbot for pre-screening or assessments and through the use of embedded Robotic Process Automation (RPA), obtain a shortlist of hire-ready candidates scheduled for interviews. 

Simply put, the benefits for employers, agents and candidates are immediate:

  • Increased reach to UK top talent pool: Stepstone gives wider access to customers to top talent and hard to find candidates in the market all within the integrated interface 
  • Automated Shortlist of Best-fit candidates: Eliminating the need to go through a long list of potential candidates for job-posting individually, recruiters and agents will have at their disposal a prioritized shortlist of candidates provided automatically by matching and best-job fit algorithms.

Great news! Access to a wider data set pool will enable the unique predictive algorithms of to provide recruiters with even more accurate predictive combinations for best-fit candidates. 

EVA is delivering on the promise of a simpler, better and more enjoyable hiring process for both recruiters and applicants by automating every critical step of the recruitment journey using award winning innovation. 

EVA’s idea of a new kind of recruitment powered by the blend of best-in-class latest technologies was recognized this year as the company was named UK 2019 HR Tech start-up of the year at Unleash London. 

If you have any questions about how to get the benefits of this partnership for talent discovery or talent sourcing, please reach out to an EVA account manager or sales rep, who will be happy to help.

Ben Kaminsky, founder and CEO of comments:

This partnership is about making finding a best-fit candidate faster and easier than ever before, the direct access to our one-stop-shop integrated and modular top of the recruitment funnel platform, enables employers and recruitment agents access to millions of CVs with a single press of a button...”

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