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Using AI in Recruitment in 2019

Using AI in Recruitment in 2019



Emerging technologies are changing the way companies recruit. One of the rising offerings is artificial intelligence (AI), which can level the playing field for candidates. Top recruiters predict AI will eliminate the unfair advantage of a fancy resume or pedigree for candidates. Instead, applicants will need to rely on different abilities to stand out in processes using AI.


Additionally, AI personalizes the hiring experience by gathering information about candidates and compiling it for use by recruiters. Some businesses use recruitment management systems to collect and manage candidate data throughout the hiring process. These systems can integrate with cloud-based human capital management system, which often rely on integrated AI to support recruitment teams and manage data.


Currently, recruiters use assisted intelligence and automation in their daily tasks. This article examines how AI-powered tools help hiring teams simplify their recruiting processes. Hiring teams that choose to implement this type of technology will have more streamlined processes.

Assisted Intelligence

Assisted intelligence assists or augments human decision-making. It can learn alongside humans in order to execute future actions or decisions. Recruiters can use assisted intelligence as a back-up to double check their work.


  • Textio Hire - This tool helps recruiters find the best terminology to use in any part of the hiring process, from job postings, to emails, to candidate communication tools. As a person is writing a piece of Textio-Signs-On-with-McDonalds-Corporation-to-Bring-Augmented-Writing-to-Their-Recruiting-Emails-and-Job-Postscontent, it can suggest the best words and phrases. Additionally, this platform uses language that reflects a business’s values and culture after people have used it for a longer period of time.


  • Teamable - Recruiters can pull from employee connections using this system. This platform has employees connect their public networks (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook) to the system, then filters out connections that match the hiring team’s current open positions. Recruiters can then contact with possible candidates for open positions.


Automation uses software or mechanical assistance to complete simple tasks previously performed by humans. Automation can help with continued candidate conversations, as well as with screening of an individual’s references.




  • Mya - This system uses Natural Language Processing and machine learning to deliver a conversational experience with candidates. The chatbot automates outreach and communication with candidates throughout the hiring cycle.


  • jobpal - This AI bot can engage with candidates at all hours of the day. It also helps with pre-screening individuals and scheduling interviews. Once people have been hired, it assists with their on-boarding.


Automated screening tools:


  • SkillSurvey Reference Check - Businesses using this platform can build comprehensive insights into a job candidate. The system allows recruiters to complete a reference check via a skills survey sent to individuals. Recruiters who want to verify a candidate’s resume experience can use this platform to accomplish this task.


  • Checkster - Checkster, a reference-checking tool, saves time for hiring teams through automated surveys. Available on a mobile device at any time of the day, recruiters can select questions to ask candidates. Individuals and their references then receive an email with the questions to answer.

One-Stop Solutions

A string of solutions combine assisted intelligence and automation amongst other technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to mitigate the growing app-fatigue taking hold in companies. These solutions provide a unified and simplified interface for recruiters.

      Entelo_IMG          EVA_AImkt_Blog 

  • Entelo - This platform has a Search feature that enables recruiters to browse over hundreds of millions of CVs, Sonar a predictive algorithm to find warm candidates about to become available on the market, Diversity tool to source underrepresented groups based on several factors, an email tracking and outreach tool all powered by assisted intelligence and automation.
  • – Businesses using this platform are able to use automation to source and outreach passive and active candidates, automate screening through a conversational NLP-powered Chatbot, and a Intersectionality Inclusion & Diversity Assisted Intelligence engine to help recruiters to select candidates from a shortlist provided by the platform. Hiring managers and agencies’ heads are able to pilot their recruitment through intelligent dashboards created from people analytics.


Closing thoughts


Other types of AI, like autonomous intelligence, might also come into play for recruiters to use in the future. Autonomous intelligence might be a self-maintained hiring team member that adapts to different situations and acts without human assistance.


In the meantime, recruiters can count on AI offerings to simplify processes. Assisted intelligence aids with pulling information on clients, as well as formatting job descriptions or other content. Automated intelligence can handle daily tasks like responding to candidates or checking references. Overall, AI is a helpful technology for recruiters to use when processing job candidates. Consideration must be given to solutions or platforms which can work with existing legacy systems or can be integrated with other point solutions recruiters need to work with.