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What does Robotic Process Automation mean for Recruitment?

The beginning of 2019 was marked with great advances in the recruitment technology industry. At Unleash UK 2019, many start-ups and well established...

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3 reasons why you need an intelligent recruitment CRM in 2019

Historically, the main focus of recruitment agencies was to streamline the process of receiving resumes and progressing candidates through the...

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An Executive Guide to Recruitment ROI

Recruitment is a sales process, often mediated by an interested third party. Candidates and hiringmanagers go on a journey together, where each party...

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Why having an ATS matters?

As a recruiter consistently making placements is linked to your ability to source quality candidates. To help boost your recruiting efficiency, you...

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Why you need an intelligent recruitment CRM

The shift in recruitment dynamics depicts a candidate driven market and emphasises the growing importance of delivering a seamless candidate...

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6 things to consider before you buy a recruitment CRM

Picking the wrong Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool can be a very costly error. If a CRM doesn’t meet your recruitment needs or does not...

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15 Experts Weigh in on AI in Recruitment | Expert Roundup

What is AI in recruitment? AI in recruitment is the technology designed to streamline or automate recruiting workflow, especially repetitive,...

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